Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Granby Land Trust.

I have had the pleasure this week of renewing my acquaintance with my old home town of Granby, CT. It was a soul warming experience courtesy of the Granby Land Trust. Quoting from its web site, "....the Land Trust works to preserve Granby's Natural Heritage through the conservation of its scenic vistas, open space corridors, wildlife habitat, ecologically sensitive areas, and agricultural land."

What a wonderful job they have done. I walked three of the Trusts properties over the last few days and they were all beautiful pieces of land with pristine streams running through them. Properties which would have been prime fodder for developers, but thanks to caring landowners and the hardworking group of volunteers that make up the Land Trust, have been preserved for the ages.
Thank you GLT for giving me hope that my grandchildren and their grandchildren might yet see what a beautiful part of the world that their forefathers lived in.

Information on the properties under the stewardship of the Land Trust can be found at

This particular image was taken on the property of a GLT Board member. More to follow on this piece of heaven.


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